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Retired musician, psychologist, teacher.

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kountryking is a New Jersey native, a graduate of New Brunswick High School, Rutgers University, and California Lutheran University. He has had careers in country music, psychology, and education. He has done short-term mission work in Nicaragua and El Salvador since 1999 and is currently retired to El Refugio, Ahuachapán in El Salvador where he observes, writes, teaches English, and tries to fill as many needs in his community as God leads him.
He is a staunch supporter of Israel's claim to its biblical territories and regrets having to advocate on behalf of his people the neutralization of her enemies.
He is a life-long fan of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Celtics. He appreciates the technology that not only permits him to reach out to the world to exchange ideas and opinions, but for the ability to listen to and sometimes see the Rutgers Women's Basketball team via the Internet.